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At Pfizer, patients are at the heart of everything that we do. We recognize that individuals living with a given health condition are the ones who know best about the impact their disease has on their life, including the challenges and needs associated with it. One of the ways Pfizer works to ensure that we meet those needs is by working with patient groups who have a direct connection with the communities they represent.  

Collaborating with Patient Groups

We believe that respectful and ethically sound engagements with patient groups are essential to fulfill our purpose of delivering breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. This allows us to gain insights such as a better understanding of the burden of disease, gaps in care or information, barriers to accessing treatment and more, enabling us to focus our efforts on what truly matters to patients.

Reciprocally, patient groups engage with Pfizer to help advance the interests of their members and their families/caregivers.

Our work with patient groups typically takes the form of collaborations and/or arms-length financial support to drive initiatives focused on improving patient outcomes and/or health equity matters in areas of shared interest (see Areas of Focusfor more information).

Our Commitment to Ethics and Transparency

Pfizer values the essential role that patient groups play in the healthcare ecosystem. Based on mutual respect, our interactions with patient groups always adhere to high ethical standards and reflect the independence of the parties.

Pfizer ensures that relationships with patient organizations are conducted in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, industry codes, external standards and internal Pfizer policies and procedures.

Pfizer will only support and engage with patient groups who share the same strong commitment to ethics and integrity, have diverse sources of funding and who can confirm having appropriate governance in place to ensure independence of action.

Support to Patient Groups

There are numerous patient organizations in Canada that do important and meaningful work. As a result, the demand is too high to allow Pfizer to approve each request for support we receive. To help guide funding decisions, Pfizer prioritizes providing support to patient groups and projects that align with our therapeutic areas of focus.

At Pfizer, we strongly believe that every person deserves to be seen, heard, and cared for. Other factors we consider when assessing funding requests are initiatives that support health equity and contribute to reducing healthcare disparities across the country.

Requests for Support

All requests for support must be made online. To submit a request for support, please click here.

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