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Welcome to the Supplier Center This section has been created to provide guidance to both potential suppliers and existing suppliers of Pfizer Canada Inc.
The supplier centre provides you with information on registration for new suppliers, invoicing, purchase order terms and conditions.
If you do not find the information you require on this site, please feel free to contact Canada Procurement at  [email protected]
Registration for New SuppliersPfizer’s Canada Procurement has designed the Supplier Survey below to obtain basic information on suppliers. Kindly download the self-explanatory bilingual document. Once it is returned to Pfizer ([email protected]), your information will be added to our database.Get started now
InvoicingHow to Get Paid On TimeGoods and / or services delivered, packing slip(s), and invoice details (price, quantity, including line numbers and freight terms) must match the details of this Purchase Order (include Purchase Order number of all packing slips and invoices). Any discrepancy must be reported immediately to the authorized procurement contact listed on the PO prior to delivery. Failure to comply may result in significant payment delay. Please confirm receipt of order, price and ship date via email to the authorized procurement contact listed on this Purchase Order.Invoice SubmissionPfizer Canada

Preferred Method: eMail

Regular Mail


[email protected] Pfizer Canada
PO Box 34600
TN 38184-0600 USA
Pfizer Canada
Attn: 6730 Lenox Center Court
Memphis TN 38115 USA
For assistance regarding all invoices submitted to Pfizer Canada Global Financial Shared Services, PO Box 34600, Bartlett, TN 38184-0600, USA, please contact your Accounts Payable representative at +1-866-220-6405 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also obtain information on your invoices by accessing the Invoice Portal Tool.Please take the following steps to ensure invoices are formatted properly for processing:
  • Purchase Order (PO) invoices must have the Complete Purchase Order Number on the invoices
  • Non-PO Invoices must have a valid Pfizer Canada contact in order to be routed correctly
  • Invoices must be billed to Pfizer Canada
  • Only individual invoices will be processed – statement or summary invoices generally are not processed
Invoices must be legible and clear in order to process accurately through the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). For best results, please consider the following:
  • Use high-quality laser printers for mailed invoices, or send pdf images via email, rather than dot matrix printers
  • Please use clear, easily readable 12-point font or larger
  • Please ensure decimal points between dollars and cents values are legible
  • Do not submit stamped or handwritten invoices
  • Vendor logo and phone number and Canada Tax ID number to appear in the invoice header
eMail is the preferred method to send invoices to ensure faster, more accurate processing
  • The following formats are accepted for email submission:
    • PDF
    • TIFE
    • Doc
    • DOCX
  • When sending multiple invoices in one email, please send one invoice document per file attachment
  • Limit submissions to no more than 20 invoice attachments in one email
  • Send invoices to the following eMail address: [email protected]
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