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Partnerships and Alliances

Pfizer Canada strives to profoundly impact the health of Canadians. Research and development are at the heart of fulfilling Pfizer's purpose as we work to translate advanced science and technologies into the therapies that matter most. Our diverse portfolio offers a broad range of options to meet the needs of Canadians. Our goal is to ensure that all patients have timely access to the treatments they need. We are one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in Canada but we realize that we cannot do this alone. Partnerships and alliances are needed to further scientific advancements that will help benefit Canadian patients. Our approach is to collaborate in new and dynamic ways with academic scientists, patient advocacy groups, governments, other biopharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.

Through partnerships and alliances, we are focused on being a meaningful contributor to Canada’s life sciences sector.

We are pleased to contribute to the vibrant life sciences community. Here are some of the partnerships that we have contributed to:

Pfizer Canada Healthcare Hub – As part of Pfizer Canada’s ongoing commitment to transform lives through the power of purpose-driven innovation, the Pfizer Canada Healthcare Hub brings together the best and brightest of Canada’s tech industry to champion better patient care. The Healthcare Hub is driven in partnership with Communitech, a Canadian technology supercharger that facilitates collaboration between industry partners and a national network of startups and scale-ups.

adMare BioInnovations  – To support adMare BioInnovation’s mission to build a national life sciences industry commensurate with it’s research leadership.

Pfizer – Alberta Collaboration in Health – To further support the Pfizer-Alberta Collaboration in Health to foster and accelerate health innovation in the province of Alberta.

BC Cancer – A contribution to the creation of a fund to support innovative basic, translational, and clinical research.

Consortium Québécois sur la Découverte du Médicament (CQDM) – Supporting CQDM in the development of several highly competitive and innovative technologies in biopharmaceutical research in Quebec with the goal of developing better and safer drugs.

Consortium de Recherche en Oncologie Clinique du Québec (Q-CROC) – To address numerous health needs identified by the scientific community, industry partners, patients and the government.

Heart and Stroke Foundation - In support of the Foundation’s awareness campaign for heart disease and stroke in women #TimeToSeeRed.

MaRS Innovation – Investment in MaRS Innovation’s Translational Research Fund to support new ideas and technologies in therapeutics, diagnostic and treatment tools, manufacturing technologies, and technologies that enable health sciences research.

Montreal Institute for Palliative Care (MIPC) – Supporting the creation of the MIPC aimed at extending the benefits of palliative care across Canada.

Montreal InVivo – To support the creation of the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Support Fund

The Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) – In support of OBI’s objective to increase capacity for start-up based internships aimed at supporting Ontario’s neurotech cluster.

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