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Girls Belong Here at Pfizer Canada

April 11, 2023

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Pfizer Canada welcomed a young student to our Montreal-based office, as part of our ongoing partnership with Plan International Canada’s Girls Belong Here program. Every year, the initiative sends self-identifying girls and young women aged 14-to 24-years-old to participate in a full day with leaders across civil, corporate, academic and government sectors.

Candice, an 18-year-old Dawson College commerce student, contributed to discussions with leaders including Najah Sampson, President of Pfizer Canada. Candice participated in several discussions throughout the day, sharing her perspective on topics like mental health, gender equality and diversity.

Having Candice at the table encouraged Pfizer Canada colleagues to discuss issues of equality in the pharmaceutical industry and what organizations like ours are doing, or can do, to make meaningful change. As a young woman and minority, Candice shared how pharmaceutical companies can connect with girls like her through mentorship and strategic marketing.

Pfizer Canada understands the critical need to improve gender equality and support girls, especially from diverse backgrounds, to believe that they have a place among executives through representation and mentorship. Building diverse teams is of the utmost importance as a business because it creates teams that are more collaborative, accepting and knowledgeable about others' lived experiences.

“Pfizer Canada is proud to continue its partnership with Plan International Canada and its Girls Belong Here program as we both share the mission of tackling the root causes of gender inequality in the workplace,” said Najah Sampson, President, Pfizer Canada. “Young women continue to experience discrimination and we aim to provide the mentorship and skills that will help them recognize their potential as leaders.”

According to a Plan International Canada survey, only 10% of youth in Canada picture a woman when they think of a CEO. Yet, studies show that when women hold more executive positions, their companies are more profitable. Companies in the top-quartile for gender diversity on executive teams are 21% more likely to outperform the national average.[1]

Girls Belong Here demonstrates that girls and young women must be heard and seen. They belong at decision-making tables and anywhere else they aspire to be.

"Girls Belong Here has seen over 180 girls share leadership roles with non-profit, corporate, and political leaders across Canada," shared Lindsay Glassco, President and CEO of Plan International Canada. "By providing unparalleled learning and leadership opportunities, the program has helped young women acquire valuable skills, grow their professional networks, and assert their right to equal opportunity in all industries."

For more information about Plan International Canada and its Girls Belong Here program, visit:

[1] Women Deliver. “Women in Leadership.”


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