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Pfizer Canada announces the launch of a joint request for proposals (RFP) in partnership with Rethink Breast Cancer


At Pfizer, we believe in the importance of bringing the patient voice to everything we do. Today, Pfizer Canada is proud to announce the launch of a joint request for proposals (RFP) in partnership with Rethink Breast Cancer to support programs aimed at improving the quality of care of people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

The areas of interest were determined with patients for patients, through collaboration and input of the Rethink Breast Cancer team and MBC Advisory Board, and inspired by the James Lind Alliance Top 10 research priorities for MBC.

“We are focused on helping people with MBC live better and live longer,” says Nathalie Baudais, MBC thriver, cancer research advocate, and co-chair of Rethink’s Metastatic Advisory Board. “This strategic partnership is bringing patients’ voices and values to the process of supporting quality improvement initiatives to make a difference in the daily lives of peoples living with MBC.”

Healthcare professionals from institutions across Canada are invited to apply for the joint Pfizer Canada / Rethink Breast Cancer RFP to help address the unmet needs of MBC patients.

For more information on the joint RFP and how to apply, click here.

For more information about Rethink Breast Cancer, visit

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