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Canadian Paralympic Committee and Pfizer renew long-time commitment to growing Paralympic Movement through 2025


Pfizer Canada also making donation to Paralympic Foundation of Canada

MONTREAL, Nov. 3, 2022 - After celebrating 25 years of collaboration last year, the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) and Pfizer Canada have renewed their partnership through 2025. The agreement of nearly $2 million extends Pfizer Canada's position as a premier partner of the CPC, with a focus on celebrating Canada's Paralympic athletes and the importance of inclusion and equity for Para athletes and people with a disability.

CPC's longest-standing partner, Pfizer Canada originally came on board in 1996 to support the nation's participation in the Paralympic Games in Atlanta. The partnership has progressed over the years, including direct support of the Canadian Paralympic Team, supporting the athletes, and promoting health and wellness.

"Pfizer Canada has been by our side through so many important moments over the past 25-plus years as the Paralympic Movement in Canada has significantly grown, developed, and evolved," said Marc-André Fabien, President, Canadian Paralympic Committee. "They are an incredibly valued partner, and we are grateful to be continuing this work together for a bright future in Para sport. We thank Pfizer Canada for their immense support and look forward to three more years of celebrating and supporting Paralympic sport and athletes in Canada."

Pfizer Canada's recent support has included funding internships for Paralympians to gain work experience with CPC. They will also be the partner of an upcoming CPC content series focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion through the disability lens, featuring interviews with Paralympians.

"Paralympic athletes are more than just elite competitors. They are superb role models and they exemplify the importance of inclusion and diversity in society," stated Najah Sampson, President, Pfizer Canada. "Our four Pfizer values of Courage, Excellence, Equity and Joy mirror the essence of the Paralympic Movement, where athletes seek to reach their full potential and encourage Canadians to do the same. We are very proud of our partnership with CPC and look forward to continuing our work with them to promote inclusion in Canada."

Pfizer Canada has also confirmed a donation of $410,000 over the next three years to the Paralympic Foundation of Canada in support of creating more opportunities for people with a disability to participate in sport. The donation will bring its total charitable support to $1.7 million since the PFC's inception in 2015.

"Pfizer Canada has been one of our biggest champions over the years, and this donation will have a direct impact in supporting more Para athletes and more Para sport programming," said Dean Brokop, Director, Paralympic Foundation of Canada. "Thank you to Pfizer Canada for being such a dedicated advocate for Paralympic sport; we so appreciate the continued support."

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