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Survey of Canadians shows e-cigarette users smoke as many tobacco cigarettes as traditional smokers

Toronto, ON – April 15, 2015 – A new Canadian survey of smokers who also use e-cigarettes (or "dual-users") found that 1 in 2 haven’t reduced their tobacco use since adding e-cigarettes, and 1 in 3 see it as a complement to smoking rather than a way to cut down.

This survey of almost 2,000 smokers, sponsored by Pfizer Canada, found that most dual-users (78%) were considering quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes, and almost half (49%) believe e-cigarettes helped them cut back. But the survey found that dual-users smoked on average 13.5 cigarettes per day – almost as many as those who don’t also use e-cigarettes (average 15 per day).1

"Almost half of dual users surveyed strongly agreed that they intend to quit smoking, so the will is there – they just need to take the next step," said Dr. Lew Pliamm, Medical Director of the Polyclinic Family and Specialty Medicine Facility, lecturer at the University of Toronto, and an expert on smoking cessation. “People who use e-cigarettes along with tobacco, like all people who smoke, need to focus on quitting tobacco entirely."

Almost half (45%) of smokers surveyed said nothing can replace the feeling of real tobacco.1 Furthermore, 4 in 10 said they only use e-cigarettes in places where they can’t smoke, but need to.1

There is no safe level of smoking

"The best way to reduce the risk of smoking-related illnesses and death is to stop tobacco entirely," added Dr. Pliamm. "Quitting smoking is not easy, and on average Canadians try to stop five times before they are successful. But with the right tools and support from your doctor, you can increase your chance of success."

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Note to Editor

About The Survey

  • Data collection for the study was conducted online by Ipsos Reid between December 10 -19, 2014
  • For this survey, a sample of 4,002 Canadians ages 18+ (of which 1,991 have used tobacco cigarettes and 525 have used e-cigarettes) from Ipsos' Canadian online panel was interviewed online.
  • The poll is accurate to within +/- 2 percentage points had all Canadian adults who’ve used tobacco been surveyed and within +/- 4.9 percentage points of all Canadians who have used e-cigarettes.


  1. E-Cigarette Survey. December 2014. Ipsos Reid. Sponsored by Pfizer Canada