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The 2015 Canadian Urological Association and Pfizer Canada Clinical Fellowship in Incontinence has been awarded to Dr. Joseph Matthew Andrews of Vesia [The Alberta Bladder Centre]. With this funding, Dr. Andrews will conduct a new project to improve support, education and treatment for Canadian patients with incontinence.

Measuring the impact of early bladder management on chronic kidney disease patients with diabetic cystopathy

Dr. Andrews’ research will assess whether early management of lower urinary tract dysfunction in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) secondary to diabetic cystopathy reduces morbidities associated with the disease.

“The worsening of CKD secondary to diabetic bladder dysfunction is poorly understood. Diabetic cystopathy in patients with CKD can manifest with both storage and voiding dysfunction as a result of detrusor overactivity, underactivity, or overflow incontinence,” said Dr. Andrews.  “Additionally, male patients may have co-existing bladder outlet obstruction. Untreated or unrecognized lower urinary tract dysfunction may lead to poorer quality of life due to bladder-related complaints. It may also lead to recurrent urinary tract infections, higher intravesical pressures, and impaired bladder emptying, all of which can worsen renal failure.”                                     

There are no evidence-based clinical guidelines in either urology or nephrology to inform the bladder management of these patients, representing a significant gap in the medical literature. Dr. Andrews’ central hypothesis is that early urologic assessment and intervention will improve bladder function and patient-reported outcomes.

“If proactive early bladder management is effective in reducing bladder dysfunction experienced by these patients, it would offer an affordable intervention with direct impact on both healthcare costs and lives,” stated Dr. Andrews. “These patients would require less ambulatory and acute care services. The results from this proposed study will be an early step to realizing this long term potential.”

This study will be a case-matched cohort design, and will take place at Vesia [Alberta Bladder Centre] located at the Rockyview Hospital in Calgary, AB, in close collaboration with the Division of Nephrology at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine.

About the CUA - Pfizer Canada Clinical Fellowship in Incontinence

The Canadian Urological Association (CUA) and Pfizer Canada’s fellowship program was created to provide support and funding for Canadian urological researchers.  The fellowship is focused on advancing urological research and improving care for patients with incontinence.  This is the third year of the program, which has awarded 4 fellowship grants since 2013.

“The burden of urological disorders in Canada is growing. With this awarded projects, the CUA and Pfizer are taking another step to ensure that Canadian urologists will continue to lead in terms of scientific discoveries and innovation in urology and specifically, the field of incontinence,” says Dr. Ricardo Rendon, Chair of the Scientific Council of the Canadian Urological Association Scholarship Foundation (CUASF). “We are very pleased that Pfizer is supporting the early careers of fellows in training, as these are the individuals who will be the next generation of leaders in urology in Canada and internationally.”

“Pfizer understands that experiences and challenges with incontinence differ from patient to patient,” says Dr. Vratislav Hadrava, Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer Canada “Programs such as these will help improve the care and quality of life for people living with this condition. We are proud to support continued research and investment in this therapeutic area.”

A fourth year with new fellowships will take place in 2016-2017. For more information on how to apply for 2016 grants, eligible research proposals, review criteria, notification dates and submission process please visit http://www.cua.org/training_and_scholarships_e.asp.

About Canadian Urological Association

The Canadian Urological Association represents and provides a voice for all Canadian urologists and fosters dedications of all members of the profession toward ensuring the highest possible standard of urologic care of Canadians.  www.cua.org

About Pfizer Canada

Pfizer Canada is the Canadian operation of Pfizer Inc., one of the world's leading biopharmaceutical companies. Our diversified health care portfolio includes some of the world’s best known and most prescribed medicines and vaccines. Historically, Pfizer Inc. has invested more than US$7 billion toward developing safe and effective medicines. Pfizer is a major contributor to Canadian R&D, with investments totalling $78 million in 2013. To learn more about Pfizer Canada, visit pfizer.ca or you can follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/PfizerCA) or Facebook (facebook.com/Pfizer.Canada). 



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