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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is just as crucial to building a successful business as it is to building a vibrant culture.

At Pfizer, colleagues of diverse backgrounds and abilities contribute unique viewpoints and perspectives to all aspects of the business, from drug development to marketing. Diverse colleagues offer a more personal understanding of our customers’ needs and concerns. Diverse teams are more collaborative, more accepting of difference, and more apt to embody balance between prudence and risk-taking. Diverse teams are also more effective in a global environment, helping make Pfizer a world leader in discovering, developing, and marketing innovative medicines to improve health and save lives.


Pfizer’s Diversity and Inclusion team focuses on developing and implementing programs that:

  • Help colleagues appreciate the value of diversity and experience Pfizer as a fair and supportive environment in which to pursue a meaningful career;
  • Hold managers and leaders accountable for creating inclusive and equitable workplaces;
  • Allow patients and other stakeholders to realize the value of diversity through innovative product development and sound company stewardship.