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Corporate Profile

Pfizer Canada Locations


Global Supply – Montréal, Québec

Pfizer’s presence in Canada includes the Montreal manufacturing facility that employs more than 800 employees in manufacturing, quality and compliance, technical services, shipping and various support functions. Pfizer Global Supply's Montreal facility manufactures products for Pfizer’s global Consumer Healthcare Division. The manufacturing facility located in Montréal, Québec was established in 1941 by Ayerst McKenna & Harrison, with major infrastructure improvements in 1987 and 2000.

The Montreal facility manufactures well-known consumer healthcare products including ADVIL, CENTRUM, CALTRATE, PREPARATION H, ROBAX and ROBITUSSIN. It produces 145 formulations of medications in 447 different formats and supplies 90 worldwide markets in 20 different languages.

Global Supply – Brandon, Manitoba

Pfizer Canada's manufacturing facility in Brandon, Manitoba is responsible for the global production of conjugated estrogens, the active pharmaceutical ingredient for the PREMARIN family of brands and DUAVEE / DUAVIVE brands. The conjugated estrogens are sourced from Canadian Equine ranchers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In addition, the site works closely with the Pfizer Equine Ranch, which conducts research on horse husbandry, physiology, nutrition, behavior and health that contains continuous technological advancements on horse management and welfare.

PREMARIN was first developed and approved in Canada in 1941. The PREMARIN family of brands and DUAVEE / DUAVIVE brands are sold around the world and they have helped many women manage the symptoms of menopause.