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Assistance Programs


Patient Assistance Programs

When a patient cannot afford their out-of-pocket costs for medicines despite their insurance coverage, for some medicines Pfizer offers assistance programs. Please speak to your health care provider about Pfizer’s assistance programs.

Payment Assistance Program

Additionally, Canadians may consult www.pfizeroriginals.ca to learn more about our payment assistance program.

If you prefer to stay on the Pfizer original brand medication you can continue to do so even after a generic becomes available. With the Pfizer Originals Program, you can save on certain Pfizer original brand medications with the Pfizer Originals savings card.  There are currently multiple Pfizer original brand medications included in the Pfizer Originals Program. This card can be used with or without your public or private insurance. 

Coverage and availability vary by brand medication and province. Card coverage may vary based on patient plan.