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Canadian smokers are encouraged to put their cravings on ice with New Nicorette* Ice Mint Coated Gum

~ Improved Formulation of Nicorette* Coated Gum Doubles the Chances of Quit Smoking Success ~

Canadian smokers are encouraged to put their cravings on ice with the news today that Nicorette* Gum is now better than ever. Nicorette* Gum's new formulation, Nicorette* Ice Mint Coated Gum, is coated, better tasting with a cool, new ice mint flavour, and easier to chew.

Taste tests with the new gum formulation have shown that smokers are optimistic of Nicorette* Ice Mint Coated Gum's effectiveness.1 Smokers who seek therapeutic assistance with Nicorette* Ice Mint Coated Gum can significantly improve their chances of success, when compared to placebo.

"The new formulation of Nicorette* Gum is another option for smokers who want to free themselves from tobacco dependence," said Dr. Rob Weinberg, a general practitioner in Toronto. "Quitting smoking is a difficult addiction to overcome. People who quit smoking may suffer severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms; however, using Nicorette* Ice Mint Coated Gum can help smokers quit by reducing nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms and significantly improve their chances to quit smoking."

In addition, Torontonians and Calgarians will feel an icy chill in the air for the next four weeks as the Nicorette* Ice Mint Coated Gum teams brand ambassadors, dressed in sleek ski suits and jackets, will encourage smokers to try the new formulation of Nicorette* Gum to increase their chances to successfully quit smoking. In exchange for a trial and information about the Gum, smokers will provide monetary compensation, the proceeds of which will be donated to The Lung Association, an organization dedicated to improving respiratory health. One of the Association's leading objectives is to influence people not to start smoking and to quit, if they do smoke.

Developed by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Nicorette* Ice Mint Coated Gum is the newest member of the Nicorette* Gum family. Available without a prescription, Nicorette* gum is a sucrose-free chewing gum that contains nicotine. It is a medication and not an ordinary chewing gum. Through the chewing technique - chew, chew, park - the nicotine is slowly released during chewing and is absorbed through the lining of the mouth.

Nicotine gum releases a lower level of nicotine in the blood than cigarettes, allowing smokers to gradually reduce the body's need for nicotine. Nicorette* Gum works as a safe and effective aid to help quit smoking by reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Once the person stops smoking the cigarettes he or she "needs", getting rid of the "habit" becomes much easier.

The smoker engaged in a quit attempt should start a new piece of Nicorette* Gum as soon as he or she has an urge for a cigarette. The gum is part of a dosage program that is designed to gradually reduce the number of pieces of gum over a three-month treatment period. The recommended treatment with Nicorette* Gum is 10 to 20 pieces a day, gradually reducing to two to five pieces a day. After three-months, treatment should cease all together.

Nicorette* Gum is available in all major pharmacies across Canada as well as in some grocery and convenience stores and gas stations. Nicorette* Gum is also available in fruit, ice mint, and fresh mint flavours and in two strengths, depending on when the smoker smokes his or her first cigarette of the day - 2 mg for those who smoke their first cigarette more than 30 minutes after waking up, and 4 mg for those who smoke their first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up.

Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) are effective stop-smoking medications that are approved by Health Canada - available in the form of nicotine gums (Nicorette*), nicotine patches (Nicoderm*), and a nicotine inhaler (Nicorette* Inhaler) - without a prescription.

Nicorette* Gum, Nicorette* Inhaler and Nicoderm* are safe for smokers when used as directed. They provide nicotine to the smoker without the dangerous toxins that are present in cigarettes and cigarette smoke. These toxins, not nicotine, are responsible for the vast majority of diseases caused by smoking.

Statistics show that only five per cent of smokers who try to quit cold turkey will succeed.2 Smokers who seek therapeutic assistance with an NRT can double their chances of success when compared to placebo.

Despite the increased awareness about the dangers of tobacco use and the growing number of anti-smoking campaigns, smoking continues to be a public health issue in Canada. An estimated 5.1 million Canadians - or 20 per cent of the population - continue to smoke today;3 smoking is responsible for one-in-five deaths in Canada alone.4

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare specializes in an extensive range of market-leading non-prescription healthcare products. With roots dating back to 1849, more than a century of innovation and consumer trust stand behind Pfizer products, including some of the most recognized and best-selling brands. From smoking cessation to cold and allergy relief and skin care, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare products are part of everyday life and also part of the Pfizer family. The most recognizable brands include: Nicorette*, Nicoderm*, Benylin*, Listerine*, Lubriderm*, Polysporin*, Reactine* and Zantac 75*. In Canada, Pfizer employs more than 2,300 people across the country. For more information, visit

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