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From Partners to Co-creators

In order to discover and develop innovative medicines, find new ways to provide access to research-based medicines for Canadians, and contribute to Canada's knowledge-based economy, at Pfizer, we believe that we need to be more than just partners. The science community, all levels of government, patients and industry need to be "co-creators."

Moving beyond the execution of a project, co-creators take partnerships one step further by playing an active role in the creation of value and new knowledge that translates into improved quality of life, healthier outcomes, innovations, accessibility for patients and a prosperous and productive economy.

Right now, Pfizer Canada is a major contributor in Pfizer's global clinical trial research activities, in terms of number of trials. Through clinical trials, investment in independent research and partnerships with top researchers, Pfizer has helped make Canada a leader in advanced research, while giving the best and brightest minds an opportunity to learn, grow and move ahead with their research. We will continue to reach out to Canadian scientists and work together to contribute to the health of Canadians and ultimately, the people of the world.

  • Co-creating Hope

    Our vision: "Working together to create hope and solutions for healthier Canadians."

  • Co-creating New Medicines

    Our vision: "In conducting research aimed at improving patient care, Pfizer Canada is co-creating valuable new treatment options and approaches with Canadian institutions and researchers."

  • Co-creating Innovations

    Our vision: "Working together to advance medical research and clinical practice to co-create and deliver new knowledge and treatment options (advancing knowledge from 'bench to bedside')."

  • Co-Creating new Ways to Better Health

    Our vision: "Helping Canadians reach better health by co-creating new knowledge that goes beyond the use of medications."

  • Co-Creating Optimal Delivery of Care and Enhanced Patient Outcomes

    Our vision: "Improving patients' access to care by supporting the evolving role of healthcare teams as much as the evolution of inter-professional care."

  • Co-creating Economic Prosperity

    Our vision: "Contribute to the country's economic prosperity by supporting a strong bioscience industry in Canada and accelerating the commercialization of new knowledge."

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